Beyond Pesticides: 40 Years of Protecting Health and the Environment with Science, Policy, and Action

We’re living in a crucial time for action and we have structured our work to meet the existential challenges to health and the environment as we collaborate with communities across the country and globally. We educate on the hazards of pesticide dependency and bring hands-on support to put in place organic land management programs for parks, playing fields, school yards, and open space. While working on national and state policy, this local grassroots work is having a major impact in showing, through model local policy and practices, that we do not need petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers for land management. We are using the very same practices that we have successfully advanced in organic agriculture for 40 years. With this knowledge and to sustain life, we can and must take action now to confront the climate crisis, biodiversity collapse, and the disproportionate adverse health impact on vulnerable populations and people of color communities.

Watch the Video for a Reflection on 40 Years at Beyond Pesticides