Good Neighbor Iowa’s Public Education Campaign

Good Neighbor Iowa launched a statewide public education campaign on April 22, 2017 to significantly reduce and eliminate pesticide use in schools, parks, childcare centers, churches, businesses, and all other large expanses of turf in communities throughout Iowa.

Since the launch:

  • 3 Iowa school districts (total of 33 schools) committed to manage 232 acres of their lawns pesticide-free. As a result a total of 16,011 students in these schools are not exposed to lawn herbicides.
  • 29 childcare centers, serving 1,698 children committed to manage their lawns without pesticides.
  • 29 Iowa institutions (such as the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, and other businesses) committed to manage some 75 acres of turf pesticide-free.
  • 154 city, county and state parks mowed areas, a total of 4,430 acres, have been committed to pesticide-free management.

All together, a total 254 locations have committed 4,857 acres of lawn to pesticide-free management.