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Siċaŋġu Co

As the economic engine of the Siċaŋġu Lak̇ota nation, Siċaŋġu Co’s purpose is to improve the financial and social well-being of our tribal relatives. We are guided and inspired by the 7Gen Vision, which imagines the type of world we’d like to see our descendants living in 175 years from now. We ask, How do we live today to create a healthy, just, abundant world for our grandchildren?

Grounded in our ancestral and cultural wisdom, with a deep understanding of the profound challenges faced by our people, Siċaŋġu Co is working towards Wicozani, or “the good way of life” for the Siċaŋġu Oyate – holistic health, economic self-sufficiency, cultural revitalization, sustainable housing, food sovereignty, climate resilience, and shared, lasting prosperity.

Siċaŋġu Co draws strength from the words uttered by many relatives who have gone before us: “Nake Nula Wauŋ” – I am always prepared, anytime, anywhere, for anything.