Trees That Feed: Tree Planting in St. Croix

Nate Olive

As part of the Hurricane Maria recovery process, Trees That Feed were asked to supply trees. Since then, TTFF has been actively involved with Ridge to Reef, a certified organic farm owned by Nate Olive. TTFF supplies breadfruit saplings to Nate, who grows them to a sturdy size, then finds good forever homes for the trees. The trees go to farmers, not-for-profit organizations and the University of the Virgin Islands.

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McIntosh SEED’s Teas and Trees Program

Teas and Trees Program

McIntosh SEED’s “Teas and Trees” program is continuing to experience growth. The program was created specifically for women, girls, and the NextGen of landowners of African-American landowners. The program is designed to educate, empower and encourage women and girls to be good stewards of the forested lands that they own or will inherit.

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Concerned Citizens of Richmond County: Reflections Event

ccr reflection event

In 2019, NC DEQ issued 3 permits to allow Enviva to expand in North Carolina. In November, we held a press conference to share our experience of being impacted by Enviva’s facilities. After the press conference, we held a community reflections event to hear from and support people who are directly or indirectly impacted by Enviva and other extractive industries.

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Pee Dee Tribe Represents Tribal Culture and Tradition

pee dee tribe represents

We had the opportunity to attend different events. One of them was The Creating Climate for Change Conference in October of 2019. We were able to represent tribal culture and tradition, by performing several dances that showed our traditions and culture. Also, we had the opportunity to disseminate the message about the importance of leaving forests and wetlands standing and connected with our tribe culture of respecting nature.

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Sol Nation Climate Reality Training

sol nation climate reality training

Sol Nation, Dogwood Alliance, and other partners partnered with Climate Reality to get people from North Carolina to Atlanta for the Climate Reality Training. We had significant representation by our circle.

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