Dream of Wild Health

The relationships we have created throughout the years of programming at Dream of Wild Health is  extremely important to us. One of our key sayings is “we grow seeds and leaders,” and our alumni are a  perfect example of that. Dream of Wild Health had 7 Garden Warriors return as Interns, and 1 as a full- time farmer. Not only do former youth participants continue to engage in our public events and  volunteer opportunities, but these young adults come back wanting to work on our farm. 

It has been such a joy to stay connected with former Youth Leaders and Garden Warriors and see how they are  taking the skills they learned at Dream of Wild Health and applying them to their everyday lives.  Felicia is one out of countless success stories of youth who engaged in our programs. Felicia had gone  through the Garden Warrior program and then worked with us as an intern, and then a Seasonal  Farmer. She went on with her tribal enrollment to attend Morris as part of the University of Minnesota.  With connection to our previous Director Diane Wilson, and continued connection through our current  staff, Morris College has designed a Native run student farm that Felicia continues to oversee. 

According  to her program supervisor, it is based on the Dream of Wild Health design. Felicia came back as a farmer  last year at Dream of Wild Health, and she is now the Youth Program Coordinator for the American  Indian Family Center in St. Paul, MN. She helped coordinate and lead a Wild Ricing Event this Summer  with Dream of Wild Health youth, which was the first time DWH went Wild Ricing in almost two years.  Below our youth work with our Farm Director, Jessika Greendeer, and their corn relatives.