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Alleviating Soil Compaction and Improving Weed Suppression With Multifunctional Cover Crops in Organic Grain Production Systems
Breeding and testing corn for organic farmers that combines high N efficiency, superior nutritional value, and cross incompatibility.
Combining strip-tillage and zonal cover-cropping for soil and moisture conservation in organic vegetable systems
Cover Crop Strategies to Build Soil Organic Matter, thereby Enhancing Soil Biology, Water Retention and Weed Control in Organic Cropping Systems of the Western Corn Belt
Developing Cultural Practices for Organically Grown Medicinal Plants
Development and delivery of “living pest management” for organic greenhouses and local food systems
Development and delivery of a comprehensive orchard floor management tactics to promote natural pest management and enhanced soil quality
Development of Cultural Practices to use a Roller/Crimper in Organic Cropping Systems for Eastern Nebraska
Diverse Cover Crop Strategies for Improved Yield and Weed Suppression in Organic Cropping Systems for the Western Corn Belt
Effect of organic grain supplementation on economic, behavior, and pest management strategies of organic dairy cows.
Enhancing soil quality, plant health, and disease management in organic production with Brassica cover crops used as biofumigants
Evaluating the Use of Alfalfa as a Surface Mulch in Corn Cropping Systems
Evaluation of Fodder Systems for Organic Dairy Cattle to Improve Livestock Efficiency
Evaluation of Soil Quality in Vegetables Planted in Plastic Mulch vs. No-Till in Polyculture Cover Crop
Fostering complex soil food webs and building soil fertility with organic production: perennial wheat – Phase Two
Fostering complex soil food webs and building soil fertility with organic production: the potential of perennial wheat
Grain and Forage from Intermediate Wheatgrass: A New Perennial Grain Crop
Harnessing farm wildlife for weed management: Measuring suppression by rodents and insects
Improving Organic No-Till Systems for Enhanced Soil Quality and Weed Management in Organic Grain/Forage Systems
Improving the Profitability of Small Farms in Missouri by Reducing Inputs through the Integration of Farmscaping and Small Ruminants for Insect Pest and Weed Control
Increasing Cover Crop Diversity and Weed Suppressive Potential of Soils in Organic Cropping Systems (2009)
Inoculant Impacts on Organic Vegetable Production in the Upper Great Plains
Integrating Organic Apple and Pork Production to Benefit Pest Management and Grower Profitability
Investigating Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Winter Wheat Quality in Organic Rotations in Nebraska
Keystone Cover Crop Species: Understanding the Relative Contribution of Individual Species to Soil Health
Legume Cover Crop Impacts on Soil Nitrogen Cycling and Soil Fertility on Organic Vegetable Farms
Maximizing Milk Production on Wisconsin Pastures: Lessons from the Paddock
Metagenomic Exploration of Cover Crop and Amendment Effects on Functional Bacterial Communities in Organic Soil
Micro-managing soil health: leveraging plant-microbe interactions to improve the effectiveness of cover cropping strategies
Organic Crop Cultivar Selection for Great Plains States In the North Central Region
Organic Production of Fruit Crops Under High Tunnels
Organic seed potato production and participatory breeding
Organic Soybean Variety Trials
Relationships between corn plants and nitrogen fixing bacteria on an organic farm
Selecting and Suppressing Triticale Cultivars for Organic No-till Rotations in Nebraska
Soil microbes in organic vegetable production: Capturing the active players
Soil microbes in organic vegetable production: New insights from pyrosequencing
SWROC High Tunnel: Improving Soil Health and Increasing Rotation Options for Organic Vegetable Production 2013
SWROC High Tunnel: Improving Soil Health and Increasing Rotation Options for Organic Vegetable Production 2016
SWROC High Tunnels: Extending the Season for Organic Vegetable Production 2014
Systems Strategies for Weed Management on Organic Grain Farms
Tackling Lameness on Organic Dairy Farms
The Details That Matter: Second Generation Questions On Organic No-Till Practices
Toward effective microbial weed management: Effects of manure application and cover crop use on native soil microbial communities and weed seed demise in the soil seedbank
Unraveling the mystery of compost teas used for organic disease and insect pest management
Utilizing phylloplanins for the control of fungal and oomycete pathogens in organic potato farming
Value-added Einkorn for Organic Production in the Great Plains Region
Veggie Compass: Whole Farm Planning for Enhanced Profitability of Midwestern Organic Vegetable Growers