Independent Science and Traditional Knowledge

Ceres Trust supports research by independent scientists, and the learning and use of traditional and Indigenous knowledge, as part of movements to create healthy and resilient farms, forests and communities; and to understand how to allow the ecosystems upon which we all depend to flourish.

Grantee Partners


Awaiulu is dedicated to developing resources and resource people that can bridge Hawaiian knowledge from the past to the present and the future.

Children’s Environmental Health Network

The Children’s Environmental Health Network protects the developing child from environmental health hazards and promotes a healthier environment.

Dr. Sandra Steingraber

Ceres Trust provides support for research and writing led by Dr. Steingraber, and provides support to grassroots organizations that seek to host a lecture by Dr. Steingraber at an organizing event.

Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Ceres Trust provides support for the research of independent scientist Dr. Tyrone Hayes through the Beyond Pesticides Fund for Independent Science.

Foundation Earth

Foundation Earth is a think tank that goes beyond research to put ideas into action. Their mission is to bring an earth-centered economy into reality through a major rethinking of society implemented via outreach campaigns.

Project TENDR

A collaboration of scientists, health professionals and children’s and environmental advocates who came together out of concern over the substantial scientific evidence linking toxic environmental chemicals to neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Science & Environmental Health Network

Since 1998, SEHN has been the leading proponent in the US of the Precautionary Principle as a new basis for environmental and public health policy.