Grain and Forage from Intermediate Wheatgrass: A New Perennial Grain Crop

Minnesota team: Craig Sheaffer, Jake Jungers, Mitch Hunter, Bradely Heins
Michigan team: Sieglinde Snapp, Vicki Morrone and Kim Cassida (Michigan State University) and Hampshire Farm

Project Highlights

  • One of the first studies to investigate dual-use of intermediate wheatgrass (IWG) for production of Kernza® grain and forage
  • Sites in Minnesota and Michigan represent a wide gradient of Upper Midwest soil-climate conditions on organic soils
  • Both mechanical clipping and livestock grazing were tested
  • Results show that IWG stands can yield substantial quantities of high-quality forage while also producing Kernza grain
  • Projects reached farmers and agricultural professionals through field days and meetings

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