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Rural Coalition / Coalición Rural

Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural has served as a voice of African-American, American Indian, Asian-American, Euro-American and Latino farmers, farmworkers, and rural communities in the US, as well as indigenous and campesino groups in Mexico and beyond for 40 years.

Our Roots

Born of the civil rights and anti-poverty rural movements, Rural Coalition has worked for 40 years to assure that diverse organizations from all regions, ethnic and racial groups and genders have the opportunity to work in solidarity on the issues that affect us all. The foundation of this work is strong local, regional, and national organizations that work to assure the representation and involvement of every sector of this diverse fabric of rural peoples.

Our Values

We work together toward a new society that values: Unity, Hope, People, and the Land.

The Rural Coalition amplifies the voices of our 50 grassroots member organizations, representing African American, American Indian, Asian American, Euro-American, Latino, and women farmers, ranchers, farm workers, and rural communities.

Together, we have power. Through our combined strength, we’ve secured dozens of federal policy changes and assured their implementation to improve our livelihoods, our communities, and our prospects for a just future. We are a seat at the table in agriculture for the producers, farm workers, and rural communities we serve.

Our Mission

Together, we seek: Just and sustainable food systems that bring fair returns to our diverse small farmers and ranchers, tribal and other small communities; Fair working conditions and dignity for farmworkers and food chain workers; Protection of mother earth now and for our children’s children; Safe, adequate and healthy food for all, especially the elders, youth, and most vulnerable of us

Together, we seek: To build an equitable and sustainable food system that is beneficial to people of color, small farmers, rural and tribal communities; To protect the environment and enhance our communities by fighting for legislation that ensures that we all — everyone, everywhere — are guaranteed healthy food, safe housing and working conditions, and access to healthcare among other services needed for community well-being.

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