Solidarity Farm/Pauma Tribal Farms awarded California’s Climate Smart Farm of the Year

Solidarity Farm/Pauma Tribal Farms were awarded “California’s Climate Smart Farm of the Year” in the Community Alliance for Family Farmer (CAFF) ‘s 2020 Small Farm Awards. The photo and excerpt below are from the CAFF Awards:

Solidarity Farm, in partnership with the Pauma Band of Luiseno Indians, have transformed their farming operation into a working, outdoor laboratory for a variety of new and rediscovered techniques to combat climate change. Farming in San Diego’s inland valley, they’ve felt the reality of fast-rising temperatures, but by partnering with groups like the NRCD, RCD and through the Healthy Soils Initiative, they’re exploring regenerative practices like no-till and native cover-crops. Best of all: these folks are community organizers at heart, gathering collectively to tackle the shared challenges farmers face and to share the insights they glean from their experiments.